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Here are some of frequently asked Questions. If there is a question you would like to ask, please click the email link below.
  • Who are your customers?
    We operate out of Jacksonville, Florida and supply many of the OEM wheels for for factories in the Southeast. We also offer custom paint jobs on wheels for custom wheel makers and anyone else looking for something different.
  • What do I use to clean my wheels?
    For all of our products the only things that you will need to clean your wheels with are warm water and a sponge. The clear coats protects the wheel from dirt and brake dust, not allowing them to stick to the wheel. Do not use any chrome cleaner or hard brushes, for those will damage the clear coat.
  • How long will it take for the color paint to fade on my wheels?
    In the 30+ years of being in business, we have not had any of our painted wheels fade. All wheels coated or painted by us will have protective clear coat applied to insure the durability and shine.
  • What is the difference between SMC and Chrome Plating?
    Unlike Chrome Plating, SMC does not need hazardous chemicals to be applied to a wheel. The shine is nearly identical and you get the ability to easily customize the color of the mirror coating by adding a color of your choice.
  • Can my wheels be repainted if damaged?
    If a wheel is damaged due to rocks or running against a curb, there is a very good chance that the wheel can be repaired. Email us a picture or come in to our Jacksonville, Florida location for an estimate.
  • What is SMC
    SMC = Super Metal Coating - This is our patented metal sputtering process that allows us to add either aluminum, gold, chrome or silver to an object to give it a unique shine.